Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nubbits Nutrition? 
Nubbits Nutrition is a simple 30 day supply pack of high quality premium dietary supplements in an easy to consume capsule/pill form that is sealed packed into daily dosage sachets for easy and timely consumption.

2. Is Nubbits Nutrition safe to consume?
Yes, it is general safe to consume the supplements/vitamins as we only use the best ingredients. Although any allergies to certain substances should be taking into consideration. Consult your doctor should you have a negative reaction. 

3. Where are the supplements and vitamins sourced and produced?
Our ingredients is sourced locally and overseas to ensure the best quality and then locally manufactured here in Malaysia by a license pharmaceutical lab.

4. Delivery/Shipping Lead Time
Orders are processed as soon as they are received but due to the current MCO situation, do buffer a 1-2 day period to receive your order. We aim to ship out orders on the same day if possible.

5. Delivery/Shipping Overseas ( out side Malaysia )
Currently we will are only serving Malaysian customers as we do not want to be overwhelmed to ensure our quality of service and product remains at a high level. 

6. Where/How do I get in touch with Nubbits Nutrition?
Kindly email us at and we will get back to you promptly.